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A Tribute to Rebecca Hoskings

A few years after making the BBC documentary “Natural World: A Farm for the Future”, Rebecca Hoskings and her best friend Tim Green, embarked on a wonderful Project, which inspired tens of thousands of people:  “Village Farm” where the land is revived, wildlife honored, and all products carefully crafted on-site, creating work for many others in an on-farm village setting.

The location, on rented land,  was beautiful but cruel: an exposed landscape overlooking the bay on the South coast of England, buffered by harsh winds with poor degraded soil.  Rotational paddocks were set up for holistic rotational grazing, an ancient race of sturdy sheep was located and bred, thousands of trees were planted as windbreaks. Large quantities of mud and rain were involved, together with the grit and courage to face it.

But the response of the land was  immediate!  In just three years, the pastures were transformed into beautiful healthy meadows, the sheep were thriving, and a number of young professionals had had the opportunity of hands-on sheep raising in extreme conditions. The Project became the showcase and the inspiration for many people, including me, who, as a “lady farmer working in extreme conditions” (in this case Brazilian drylands) could really appreciate the scope of their tireless efforts.

The project came to a sudden end with Tim´s acidental death February 2017. Rebecca has now regrouped back to her family farm in Devon, where she still raises sheep.

But the image has been planted in the minds of tens of thousands: a farm which produces healthy and happy animals while reviving the land and creating space for all forms of wildlife, at the same time creating work opportunities for a  whole village of artisans.  This Village Farm has been suspended, but the image has been planted in the minds of the whole world! I am sure there are others being seeded all over the planet!

And I DO hope, once she has had time to recuperate from the trauma of Tim´s death, that Rebecca will tell her story in a book, step by step.  It will be a most valuable document!

Here is a beautiful vídeo of the Project...

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