Citizens of New Planet Earth Or: “How to create Heaven on Earth”

On this rock of fiery heart and fertile skin, flying through space around a brilliant Sun, there are various Planet Earths. Hell and Heaven co-exist here, sometimes in the same physical space. What separates them is not a wall, as in ancient China, but an energy field called happines. And it is our own perception which determines what happiness is. 

A well-paid executive, with heart problems, a divorce, and no time to call his own, may live in Hell, even though his luxurious life may seem to be Heaven.

To take the argument one step further: humanity is tired of wars, the Planet as well, as it takes decades to heal the scars in Mother Earth. War is Hell for humanity just as domestic fights are Hell for the family members. If war makes us so unhappy, why then do we continue killing each other? For the same reason that the unhappy executive puts on a tie and goes to the job he hates: we need to re-define what happiness is!

What, then , is wrong with the present definition?

First of all, it is based on survival. You MUST go to university “otherwise you won´t survive in the world”, even though this interminable academic process robs you of the opportunity to get to know yourself and the world. Survival presumes a hostile world of competition for scarce resources- the cause of many wars. Petroleum is worth more than human lives.

The paradigm of survival is based on materialism. What survives, in the case of the unhappy executive? His body and its belongings ( car, house, etc.) Does anyone bother to ask about the survival of his soul?(By “soul” I mean that most intimate part where the deepest meanings reside) That does not come into question. Nor does the question of real human potential come into question- it´s enough to have a good job and pay your bills.

It is interesting to note that the anthropologist Marshall Sahlins discovered that traditional peoples who do not practice agriculture are not worried about survival. They manage to provide for themselves in less the four hours of work a day ( including domestic chores) and spend the rest of their time dancing, playing, and visiting each other. They rarely go hungry and even then for only a few days, even though they ocupy some of the most difficult regions of the planet ( as the better regions were taken from them). In contrast, the “modern” family labors under ever-increasing bills to pay for their belongings, being encouraged, at every television interval, to go even deeper into debt.

Are we “moderns” really happier than the traditional peoples? I doubt it.

Although not insinuating that we would be happy living in leafy shelters ( but who knows) I DO think we should re-evaluate what happiness really is for each one of us, and work towards THAT happiness ( which I believe could also be called “fulfillment”.)

What does the world have to gain from this- is this not an act of irresponsability towards “duty”?

Have you spent time with a really happy person? I am not talking of the phony material “happiness” which can cause arrogance and envy- I am talking of a state of spirit. If you are lucky enough to know a really happy person, you would affirm that it is a joy to spend time with that person- it is as if we are bathed with an energy which re-vitalizes and inspires us. A happy world is composed of happy people. Period. The more happy people around, the better off the world is going to be.

But the world gains a second time with this: in order to be happy , people need to develop their highest potential. Talents and skills will come to light which today have no chance of blooming.

Therefore,in the New Planet Earth which is arising- which is being created at this very moment- we must re-define our relationship to the material world and money, putting our passion and self-realization first. (Note how this phrase raises fear of not surviving! We are so deeply conditioned to be afraid that we need support groups to get rid of this vice as much as alcoholics need the AA!)

To make this leap we need to understand that we live in an abundant universe! In every empty space there is an infinite (at least to us!) quantity of energy available, which is called Universal Energy (or “ether”). And we are learning to use this energy to create Heaven on Earth at all levels. Today there are thousands of people who have gotten to the point of teaching their bodies to absorb this energy directly, eliminating the need for solid food. Our scientists are very close to the point of learning how to harness this energy, eliminating once and for all the need for petroleum.

Our Planet can easily support four times its present population ( but not with the present agricultural model, which is a scar on the planet and the main cause of deforestation.). Scarcity is a myth! And myths are based on beliefs. I dedicated thirty years of my life to ecological agriculture and permaculture, with the belief that this would increase abundance for those who today live in scarcity. Through this experience I realized that the problem is not a technical one- the techniques appropriate to healing the Earth have been around for decades! The problem is deeper , embedded in our very deepest beliefs about the nature of this world .

However, before any change can happen, it has to be visualized. If enough of us visualize the world we want to live in, with intensity of focus and conviction, it will happen! Seems too simple to be true, but those who have practiced visualization know how powerful it is. Our focus feeds, energetically speaking, that which we focus. If we focus war, we intensify war. If we focus harmony (which is a better word than “peace” which always implies absence of war) we intensify harmony. We create the world with our way of looking. (Turn off the television!) We can create or destroy with our eyes. (Experiment , in the street, looking at the passersby as beautiful, luminous spirits, and see the subtle shifts in their posture and in your energy level!)

Going back to the “survival” paradigm, there is a second barrier to our happines: we are afraid of each other! After all, the “other” may take part of the pie that should belong to us! But if we manage to make the profund shift into the “abundance” paradigm, the “other” is a source of welcome joy, another element in potential for our abundance! As the fear of the “other” is the base cause of war, these too would cease to exist...

Therefore, to move from the Old to the New Planet Earth (without need of a moving van!) we need to move out of the survival pardigm and into the abundance paradigm, seeking our passion and self-realization, believing that in so doing, the universe will provide for our basic needs. This shift brings with it a profound sense of connection- with the Universe, with Mother Earth, with humanity and with ourselves.

We may need support for this shift, as all our conditioning has been around the survival question, for many generations, which is, after all , the most powerful weapon possible for keeping humanity enslaved! A recent example of this is the manipulation by the American government of its own citizens, using fear as an excuse to remove civil rights conquered over two hundred years of history (succesfully so far, but this is now changing!).

This is a time when support groups may become a necessity in order to make the shift. In fact, thousands of people are already dedicating themselves to this effort, and the first results are being felt over the planet.

If the old world is based on keeping the body alive, this new world is based on keeping the soul alive! And a live soul will always know how to take care of its body! To resume, then, what do we need to make this happen? Passion, connection, joy, and love!

Enjoy your journey!


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